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Blackboard Help

Using the List Wizard

The List Wizard will walk you through creating a quick, printable list of students. When you click Reports List Wizard, you will see the list of data that you can include such as student data fields, score information and attendance data about each student.

  1. Click Reports List Wizard.
  2. Enter a title for your report.


    Enter a title for the report

  3. Select each field under Available Fields that you want to appear in the list and click “>” to add it to Selected Fields. You can also add all the fields by clicking “>>”.
  4. Order the Selected Fields by clicking a field so that it is highlighted and clicking either or .
  5. Click Next when you are finished adding and ordering fields.
  6. The list of students can then be grouped by any of the fields. You can have multiple groupings in your list.


    Choose grouping levels

  7. Click Next when you are finished grouping the list.
  8. Select a layout and orientation for your list. Check the box next to Adjust field widths so all fields fit on page.


    Choose layout and orientation

  9. Click Next when you are finished selecting a layout for the list.
  10. Select the style of the report.


    Choose style

  11. In the Print Preview, click the Select Students button if you want to choose the students for your list. By default, all students are selected.


    List wizard report

  12. Click the Print button to print the list of students.