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Using Gender Pronouns in Memos

GradeQuick has the facility to print automatically the correct gender pronouns in QuickNotes, Report Memos and Notes to Students. In this way you can write generic notes to all students, and GradeQuick will insert the correct pronoun to personalize the notes. If you have entered M (or m) for male or F (or f) for female in the student data field labeled M/F for each student, the program will choose the proper pronoun from the choice you write in your note.

To indicate which gender pronoun you want chosen, follow this format to indicate what word you wanted substituted for the gender in a Memo or QuickNote.

<M/F male pronoun/female pronoun>

For example, if you want a note to a male student to say, “Please bring your son’s report card to the conference,” you would type a generic Report Memo.

Please bring your <m/f son’s/daughter’s> report card to the conference.

Then, GradeQuick will automatically print “son’s” on boys’ reports, and print “daughter’s” on girls’ reports.

If you want to say, “His work this semester has been late too often,” you would type a QuickNote like this one and insert it into a QuickNote or student’s memo.

<M/F His/Her> work this semester has been late too often.

Then, GradeQuick will automatically print “His” on boys reports, and print “Her” on girls reports.

Examples of gender pairs that you can use in memos

<M/F He/She>

<m/f he/she>

<m/f his/her>

<M/F son/daughter>

<m/f him/her>