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Blackboard Help

Using the QuickNotes Library

Select Edit > Memos > Edit QuickNotes Library if you want to write notes that you expect to use frequently; for example, you may want to insert a certain remark into the personalized comments you are writing for several students’ reports.


QuickNotes library

When the QuickNotes Library is displayed, the notes you have created are listed.

  • Create. Click Create and a window will open a notepad for you to write the note.
  • Edit. Highlight the note you wish to change and click the Edit button to open the note for you to edit.
  • Delete. Highlight that note in the list and click Delete. You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the note.
  • Insert. Highlight a note and click Insert QuickNote # into Data Field. There are two ways you can use this feature.

If you have a Student Information field displayed on the spreadsheet, click in the field. Access the QuickNotes Library. Choose a QuickNote and click the Insert Quicknote # into Data Field button. Insert the QuickNote number in a Student Information field.

Click the button to insert a QuickNote number into a student information field

If you are writing memos, in the memo notepad, click File > Insert Quicknote. Choose the note (text) you want to insert and click the Insert Quicknote into Memo button.


Click button to insert QuickNote text into a memo

Click the Done button when you are finished with QuickNotes.

  • Copy QuickNotes Library. If you want to create a library of QuickNotes Library. If you want to create a library of QuickNotes to use in all of your gradebooks, create QuickNotes in one class gradebook. Then, choose Gradebook to Gradebook Copy to copy the QuickNotes to other gradebooks.