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Using QuickNotes Numbers for Comments

Instead of, or in addition to, writing personalized notes to each student, you can let GradeQuick automatically print a QuickNote in a Note to Student by designating the number of theQuickNote you want printed. They will then be printed automatically at the end of your personal note (or instead of a personal note) to any student.

To do this, you must indicate, in the student’s data field, which QuickNote to print on their report.


QuickNotes student information field


Choose to view QuickNotes field on the spreadsheet


QuickNotes column in the spreadsheet


Click QuickNotes cell for a student and access QuickNotes from the menu


Choose the QuickNote number to enter in the student information field

  1. Create a new Student Information field with the name QuickNotes. It must be spelled correctly in the plural form or it will not work.
  2. Click View > Student Information.
  3. Select QuickNotes in the list of Data Fields to show to display the field QuickNotes as a column on the spreadsheet.
  4. In the QuickNotes column in the spreadsheet, click the student’s cell whose note you want to print.
  5. Display the list of QuickNotes by clicking Edit > Memos > Edit QuickNotes Library.
  6. In the QuickNotes library dialog box, click the specific QuickNote that you want to insert in the data field for the selected student.
  7. Click the Insert QuickNotes # in the Data Field button. Instead of inserting the text of the QuickNote, the number of the QuickNote will be entered in the QuickNotes data field on the spreadsheet. You may enter several QuickNote numbers in succession before moving to another student. You can always go back and add more. You may also simply type the number of the QuickNote you want in the QuickNotes data field.


Click the insert button

The text of the QuickNotes (whose number(s) you indicated in the student’s data field) will be printed as a Note to Student. If you already have written a Note to Student for a student to whom you assign a QuickNote, the QuickNote text will be printed at the end of the note.


QuickNote number entered in spreadsheet


QuickNote text appears in Note to Student


  • Deleting QuickNotes text. If you are inserting QuickNote numbers in the QuickNotes data field, you should be careful about deleting QuickNotes or removing the test of a QuickNote. Even if the text of a QuickNote is removed, its number remains on the list of notes, and the number will not be deleted from any student’s QuickNotes data field. In this case, the number in that data field will reference a QuickNote whose content has become empty, and nothing will be printed.
  • Deleting QuickNotes from the library. If a QuickNote is deleted from the list, the QuickNotes Library will re-number the remaining QuickNotes, (i.e. if you delete QuickNote #3, QuickNote#4 will be relabeled as QuickNote#3). In this case the number in the QuickNotes data field will reference a different QuickNote in the library. If you do not want a certainQuickNote text to be used, you must remove its number from each student’s QuickNotes data field.
  • Exporting QuickNote numbers. The QuickNote numbers (not the text) you entered in the student information fields. (i.e., for comment codes) can be exported as numbers.