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GradeQuick Web Archival Services

For those customers who have made the decision to choose a new gradebook, Blackboard would like to help make your transition from GradeQuick Web as easy as possible. Blackboard is offering you the GQWeb Viewer application which will allow system administrators to view their teacher’s gradebook files.

How the Gradebook Archival Process Works

  1. Have teachers print reports as PDF files from their latest gradebooks before transitioning out of GradeQuick Web.
  2. Download all gradebooks to your Student Information System (SIS) using the LiveLink application or GradeQuick Web's SiteManager then Backup Gradebooks.
  3. Once you end your Blackboard contract, the gradebook access will be turned off, however you can obtain limited access for 60 days after the subscription ends by calling the Blackboard Engage Operations department. 
    Blackboard will maintain the gradebook data on Edline for one (1) year after your subscription ends, thereafter the gradebook data will be permanently deleted.


  4. To view the gradebooks you downloaded in step 2, download the GradeQuick Viewer application and install according to the instructions in the Archiving and Retrieving GQ PDF.
  5. Log into the GradeQuick Viewer application whenever you need to access these gradebooks.
    Type the login/user name code provided to you in the Gradebook Viewer email sent by the Blackboard Engage support staff.

You will be able to locally store your old gradebooks as required. To view the gradebooks, you will no longer need to log into Edline.

You cannot edit or save a gradebook through the GradeQuick Viewer application. Any attempts will result in a corrupted gradebook.
For any report you print from the application, the words GRADE BOOK VIEWER will display as your school name.

How to Archive Your Own Gradebooks: