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Adding Classes to a Gradebook

In Easy Grade Pro, a class is a collection of students and their data for a single subject. Classes (and students) can only be added on Edline. When you launch your gradebook after a new class has been added on Edline, a window will appear allowing you to edit the name of the class and to set terms as shown below.



To edit the class name and select a term:

  • Set the class name so that it is meaningful to you and your students. For example, Math 101-Period 1 is more meaningful than M101p1. This is especially important if you have more than one class with the same name on Edline.
  • Since term labels are automatically added to the class name in menus and in reports, do not include a term label in the name of the class. For example, use Math 101-Period1 instead of Winter-Math 101-Period1.
  • Select the starting term from the list. Although you may select more than one term, we recommend that you select the starting term only. Then, at the end of each term, choose Tool > Term Tools > Start New Term to add a new term to the class. This will minimize the size of your gradebook and save time.
  • To edit term labels, click the Edit Term Labels button. If your EGP Web administrator has set the term labels, then do not make changes to term labels.

It is important to note that any changes you make in this window impact your gradebook only and have no affect on Edline.

To switch to the different classes, use the Class menu or the Prior Class adding_classes_02.jpg and Next Class adding_classes_03.jpg tools.