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Managing the Classes

You can rename your classes. You can sort them into any order. Terms can be added to classes and terms can be renamed. This section explains how to perform these basic tasks.

To add a class:

To add a new class, follow the steps found on the prior page. Note: if you need to add a new term to an existing class, see To add a term to an existing class below.

To rename a class:

  1. Use the Class menu to switch to the class.
  2. Choose Records from the Chart menu or click the Records tool managing_classes_01.jpg .
  3. Select the Classes tab.
  4. Edit the name of the class and click Done.

Note: This changes the name that appears in the gradebook only. The original name will still appear at Edline.

To sort or reorder your classes:

  1. Choose Sort Classes from the View menu. The Sort Classes window will open.
  2. Press on classes and drag them to the desired locations in the list. Use the sample class menu at the top of the window to view the effects of your changes.
  3. Click Done.

To add a term to an existing class:
Note: We recommend that you wait until right before the start of the new term before adding a term to a class.

  1. Use the Class menu to switch to the class.
  2. From the Tool menu, choose Term Tools->Start New Term.

Be sure to take a look at Working with Terms for a thorough discussion of this topic.

To delete a term from an existing class:

  1. Choose Delete->Class from the Tool menu. The Delete Records window will open with a list of all the classes in the gradebook.
  2. Select the class or classes to delete from the list. Press on the blue arrow to select or deselect all items in the list.
  3. Click the Delete button.

    Note: At least 1 term for each class must be retained. For instance, if a class has 2 terms, it will be listed twice. If you delete both instances, the next time you launch EGP Web, the class will be re-added since it still exists at Edline. Please contact your EGP Web administrator if a class should be completely removed from your gradebook.

To rename a term:

  • Choose Records from the Chart menu or click the Records tool managing_classes_01.jpg.
  • Select the Classes tab.
  • Edit the name of the term. This change applies to all classes in a gradebook.