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Copying From Gradebooks in Previous Semester

You can copy from a gradebook used in a previous semester or one saved locally.

1. Run EGPWeb.
2. Click File→Import.
3. Choose whether you want to copy from a previous web gradebook or one on the local
hard drive.

Import EGP Web Function

  • If you choose a prior semester, you will choose the semester and from among your gradebooks in that semester.
  • If you choose a local gradebook, you will be asked to locate the gradebook. You can only copy from the backup of a web gradebook.  You cannot copy from gradebook that you created and saved locally.

4. Select the FROM and TO gradebooks from the lists on the left.

EGP Web Copying Gradebooks
5. Choose the items to copy on the right.  You may select a specific item, multiple ones by holding down the CTRL key to select or select all from the drop down arrow.
6. Click Import.