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Generating and Updating Class Rosters

In order to generate class rosters that teachers will use with the web gradebook you must first make the student and class information from your school’s administrative software system available to LiveLink.

For schools using LiveLink to create rosters: 

  1. Download up‐to‐date student and class information files from your administrative software system. The name of the download file is found in the Appendix of the Quick Start Guide for your interface.
  2. Place the downloaded data files in your \GBWebData\ToGB\AdminData directory. If your download file has a name specific for your school, school year or other customized name, the Quick Start Guide for your interface will give you information about how to change the name LiveLink is expecting using Custom Fields or School IDs set at Edline.
  3. At Edline, indicate the actions that should be taken with regard to user, class and schedule changes.
  4. From your Command Center, click Manage School.
  5. Click School Policies.
  6.  Scroll the page until you see the Upload Results section. You must include an email address which is used to inform you when processes run, particularly if they are scheduled. If you do not enter an email address only failures will be emailed and they will be emailed to all super users. If you enter NONE, the email notification of results is ignored.
    For schools using LiveLink to upload rosters created by the SIS: 



    Download up‐to‐date student rosters from your administrative software system.


    Place the downloaded rosters in your \GBWebData\ToGB\RosterFiles directory.


    You must use your SIS to provide the Edline schedule files necessary to create classes, users and schedules at Edline. This is required before teachers will be able to logon to Edline and use the gradebook. These files may be created when you create rosters and your SIS may upload them from that software. Contact your SIS for more information.


    Uploading Office attendance 


    If your SIS provides office attendance data, use the Upload Data to Edline process and check the box for Attendance Imports. You may need to set up a file extension in System Information. Check the Appendix in the Quick Start Guide for information about office attendance.