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Customizing Gradebooks Using Transfer Shared Options

The Transfer Shared Options feature in EGP Web is used to transfer certain information, such as Grade Scales, from your Template Gradebook to all teacher gradebooks, after teachers have begun to use EGP Web. If you want teachers to start gradebooks each semester/year with default settings, use this feature.

To Transfer Options to Teacher Gradebooks:

  1. Run EGP Web.
  2. Select Template Mode. 
  3. Select Site Manager>Transfer Shared Options.
  4. Expand each item in the list to see what can be transferred. Each item has several choices for whichAll or New only can be selected and a check box to indicate if it should be included in the transfer.
    • ALL copies to all gradebooks and restricts changes by the user.
    • New only copies only to new gradebooks and allows users to make subsequent changes.
  5.  Click Export. Information is transferred when gradebooks are next opened.