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About EGP Web Class Options

Each class within your gradebook has its own grading scales, score categories, special scores, attendance categories and other options. Together, these are known as class options because they are stored with the class and are unique to it.

A class does not have options until you view it for the first time; Easy Grade Pro will automatically copy options into it from another class, either from a prior-term class or from an adjacent one. If there is no ‘other’ class because it’s your first one, Easy Grade Pro will copy from a built-in set and display a message letting you know what it has done. Since the built-in set is unlikely to match your style, you’ll want to edit it as soon as possible, ideally before you view other classes.

To view or edit the options, choose Class Options from the Edit menu or click the Class Options tool class_options_01.jpg. In the window that opens, you’ll find a series of tabs, one for each type of option. There is a page in this section for the options found under each tab except for the Rubric tab, which is covered here, and the Term tab, which is covered here.

Keep in mind that the changes you make to the options will have no effect on other existing classes in your gradebook. This allows you to have options that vary from class to class and term to term. However, since you’ll likely have some options that you’ll want the same in all classes, be sure to read the section Copying Class Options to other Classes.

It is very important to note that there are other ways that Class Options can be set in a class:

  • Migration Tool. If a class is set up via EGP Web’s Migration tool (see the File menu), then Class Options are migrated with all other class data.
  • Shared Options. Your school’s EGP Web administrator has special software that can cause selected options to be copied to all gradebooks in your school. When changes are made to your gradebook this way, a window will always appear to inform you of the changes.