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Grade Scale

A grade scale is used to convert the percent on an assignment, a category average and the overall average to some meaningful label called a grade. For example, it may be used to convert a 98% to an A+.

A scale consists of one or more grades with a minimum or cutoff percent for each. Grades can be letters (A,B,C), words (Outstanding, Satisfactory) or numbers (4.00, 3.00). A class may have multiple scales. Each student is assigned the first grade scale but you can have different scales for different students. You can even assign scales to score categories in case you wish a category of assignments to use a certain scale.



To edit grade scale options:

  • Choose Class Options from the Edit menu and select the Grade tab.
  • To view or edit a scale, first click on its row number. The grades and minimum percents will appear in the list to the right.
  • To create a new scale, click the blue button above the left list and choose New Item. Type the name of the scale and then type the grades and minimum percents in the list to the right. The minimum percents must be in descending order and the last percent must be 0. Use the small blue arrows to insert or delete a row anywhere in a scale.
  • To duplicate or delete a scale, click the blue button above the left list and choose the appropriate item. Then click the appropriate button below the list.
  • The first grade scale in the list is the most important one because it is initially assigned to all students. To move a scale to the top position, press on its row number and drag.
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  • Set the rounding level. Rounding options include whole numbers, tenths and hundredths, and are used whenever percents are calculated. As an example, suppose a student has earned 89.638%. After rounding, the number displayed will be 90% for ones rounding, 89.6% for tenths rounding and 89.64% for hundredths. Ones rounding results in cleaner looking numbers. Hundredths rounding results in greater accuracy. For many teachers, tenths rounding offers a good compromise.
  • To assign a scale to a student (other than the first scale), exit from the Class Options window and choose Students from the Chart menu. In the Grade Scale column, select a scale for the student.
  • To assign a scale to a score category (other than the student’s scale), click the Category tab in the Class Options window and make your selection from the pop up menu after the category’s name.

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