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Score Category

Whenever you add an assignment to a class, a score category must be selected. Categories are used in graphs, summary charts, filters and reports. They help provide useful information about a student’s performance. They can also affect a student’s overall grade if the weighted-categories option is turned on. A class can have up to fifteen score categories.

To edit category options:

  • Choose Class Options from the Edit menu and select the Category tab.
  • View and edit the category names. Since each class has its own set of options, you can use subject-specific names such as Lab Activity.
  • Turn on category weighting (click the Yes button) if you want your categories to have a certain proportional effect on overall grades. Enter percents in the Weights column so that their sum is 100%. To learn how category weighting affects calculations, refer to FAQ: How a Student’s Overall Grade is Calculated.
  • Grade Scale Option. If you would like to use a special grade scale for all assignments in a certain category, select it from the Grade Scale Options column. As an example, you can have a category named Effort that uses a +1, +2, +3 grade scale. Easy Grade Pro will use the category’s assigned grade scale in the score chart, in assignment graphs and in reports. Grade scales are created in the Grade view of the Class Options window.score_category_01.jpg
  • Dropping Option. When an assignment is added to a class, Easy Grade Pro allows you to set the status of the assignment to Can be Dropped. From among these, it will drop the single most-damaging score for student. If you’d like Easy Grade Pro to drop more than one, then select the number of scores to be dropped from the Dropping/Extra Credit column. You are limited to four dropped scores. For more information on dropping, click here.
  • Extra Credit Option. To make one of your categories an extra credit category, select Extra Credit from the last column. This will cause the name of the category to be changed to Extra Credit. Be careful if you have category weighting turned off: all points earned by a students on assignments in this category will be added to the student’s point total. However, if you have category weighting turned on, then you can set a percentage limit, or weight, on the value of the extra credit. For more information on extra credit, click here.