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Attendance Category

Any class can be used for recording student attendance marks. If you are an elementary teacher, you may find it best to use your first class of the day for recording attendance; when you print multi-class progress reports, Easy Grade Pro will automatically find and use the right class when printing the attendance chart portion of the report. If you are a secondary teacher, you can record attendance in every class.



To record attendance marks in a class, attendance categories and a term calendar must be set up. (Setting up a calendar is discussed in the next section). You can set up to fifteen attendance categories. An attendance category has five attributes. The category, such as Excused Absence, is the full name of the category. The master category, such as, Absent, names the major grouping that the category belongs to. The code, such as AE, is the one- or two-character mark that is entered in an attendance cell. The value is used when calculating totals and should be 1.00 for full-day marks, 0.50 for half-day, etc. Easy Grade Pro will calculate totals for all of your categories and master categories. The auto-fill score is used if you want to have Easy Grade Pro enter scores in the score chart based on attendance. For example, you can have Easy Grade Pro enter a special score of ab for students who are marked absent on a day when an assignment is due. For more information on this, refer to the section Auto-Filling Attendance Scores.

To edit attendance category options:

  1. Choose Class Options from the Edit menu and select the Attendance tab.
  2. To edit the list of Master Categories, first press and hold on any row in the Master Category column. From the menu that pops up, choose Edit this Menu. In the window that appears, edit the list of master categories.
  3. For each of your attendance categories, select the Master Category and enter the category, code and value. Optionally, enter an auto-fill score.

Once you start using your attendance codes, it is important that you don’t change their order or meaning and that you don’t delete items that are in use.