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Blackboard Help

Seat Formats

If you plan to use the seating chart for a class, you can set the size, shape, name format and attendance formats for all of the seats in the Class Options window. Additional options, such as color and rotation, can be set for individual seats but must be set in the actual seating chart.



To edit seat options:

  1. Choose Class Options from the Edit menu and select the Seat tab.
  2. To change the shape, drag the box in the lower-right corner of the sample seat.
  3. To change the name format or to allow entry of attendance or scores into seats, use the buttons and menus on the right.

To set options for individual seats:

  • Choose Seating from the Chart menu.
  • Double-click on a seat to open the seat’s format window.
  • Change the rotation, color and locked status as desired. Locking a seat prevents the seat from being moved or being affected by sorting.