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Blackboard Help

Color Options

Color options allow you to set the background and grid colors. You can choose to have a solid background color or have alternating, complementary row colors. You can color-code scores and attendance marks for emphasis.

To edit color options:

  • Choose Class Options from the Edit menu and select the Color tab.
  • Use the Grid Color and Background Color buttons to open a window where you can choose new colors.
  • Move the Gradient slider to the left to have the background color used on every row. Move the gradient slider to the right to have alternating row colors. Contrast between the alternating colors increases as the slider is moved to the right.
  • Use the Score Colors and Attendance Colors tabs to switch between setting colors for the score chart and for the attendance chart. You may set colors for both charts.
  • Use the Select colors based on menu to choose the basis for color selection.


  • Use the six pop up menus and six buttons in the bottom half of the window to select specific colors for scores and attendance marks.
  • Turn on the Show colors as backgrounds in score cells option if you’d like your attendance colors to appear as the background colors in score cells. This feature makes it easy to see if a student was absent on the day the assignment was due. This option affects the score, seat and standard charts.