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Use General options to set the primary options that affect how your gradebook looks and behaves.

To edit General options:

  1. Choose Gradebook Options from the Edit menu and select the General tab. Notice that there is a list of categories of options with a graphic to the left of each.
  2. Press on the graphic to the left of an item to reveal the options in that category. These are explained next.

Display Options

  • Font Options. Set the font and font size to be used in the main charts. This does not affect reports.
  • When a cell is selected highlight… minimally, entire row, entire column or entire row and column. Use this to control how much of a row or column is highlighted when a cell is selected. For maximum readability, have the entire row and column selected.
  • Display student names as… Last, First or First Last. This affects onscreen charts and reports. It does not affect the seating chart which has its own option in the Class Options window.
  • Display assignment scores… as raw scores (20), as percents (80.0%), as grades (B-) or using Assignment Record settings. The assignment record setting can be found by double-clicking on an assignment’s name in the score chart or by choosing Assignment from the Chart menu. This option can also be set by pressing on the small filter menu next to the first score for the first student in the score chart.
  • Display overall grades as… as percents only (100.0%), grades only (A+) or percents and grades (100 A+ ).
  • Display standard grades as… numbers only (3.00), rubrics only (Meets Standard) or numbers/rubrics (3.00/Meets Standard). This option can also be set by pressing on the small filter menu next to the first score for the first student in the standard chart.
  • Show score/attendance colors. Use this to turn on or off the colors for scores and attendance marks in the main charts. To set the colors, choose Class Options from the Edit menu and select the Color tab.
  • Hide assignment dates in Score and Standard charts. If dates are not relevant to your assignments, turn this option on. Dates will be hidden onscreen as well as in certain reports.
  • Show warning symbol for students with missing work. This symbol appears as a . It will appear only if the student has scores that count as missing in the Class Options window, Score tab.general_01.jpg

Score Entry Options

  • Allow typing of…. Special Score Shortcuts and Grades and Special Scores. The first item allows you to type a shortcut (i.e. a) and have Easy Grade Pro automatically enter a score (i.e. ab) and jump down to the next cell. Special scores and their shortcuts are set in the Score view of the Class Options window. The second item allows you to directly type an A+, A or ab — any grade or special score. This option can also be set by pressing on the small triangle to the left of the grade-click palette.
  • When a special score shortcut is entered…. move down, move right, and remain in the same cell. If you typically enter scores down a column, from one student to the next, set the first option. But, if you typically enter multiple scores for one student before moving down to the next, then you’ll appreciate the second option. The third option is for those who do both and would rather have to use an arrow key after entering a special score to choose the direction of movement.
  • When the last score in a column is entered…. remain in the same cell, move to the top of the next column, and move to the top of the same column. If you first enter scores into a paper gradebook, you’ll find the first option to be time-saving because it allows you to enter scores the fastest.
  • Display a warning when a score…. is changed, exceeds the Maximum. These warnings can help prevent accidental changes. Only a single warning is given when you exceed the maximum score in case you are entering a series of scores with extra credit.

Security/Password Options

  • Full Access Password. If you would like your gradebook to require a password to be entered whenever you open it or after you choose Lock from the File menu, then enter a password here.
  • Restricted Access (RA) Password. If you would like others to be able to open your gradebook but you would like to restrict what they can do, then set a password here and set the …allow RA user to options as desired. To turn on the RA mode choose RA Mode from the File menu or select the RA Mode tool general_02.jpg. To turn off the RA mode, choose RA Mode as before. The password window will appear and the teacher password must be typed to regain full access.

Tool Options

  • Show Tool Bar. The tool bar consists of up to twenty tools near the top of the main charts. This can be turned off to maximize the number of student rows visible on your monitor.
  • Show Mini-Summary. This small window can be used to display graphs and lists that are updated as you enter student data. Click here for more information.
  • Automatically position Mini-Summary based on chart. To have the mini-summary stay at the some location regardless of chart, turn this off. Otherwise, the mini-summary will move to a pre-set location based on the current chart.
  • Hide Mini-Summary in Seating, Student and Assignment charts. Turn this option on if the mini-summary gets in your way in these charts.
  • Show Tabs for Score, Attendance and other charts. These tabs appear near the top of the main charts. This can be turned off to maximize the number of student rows visible on your monitor.