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Filters are used to show just the students, assignments and scores you want to see in the charts. For example, a filter can be set up to show the students and assignments in one reading group in your class. Filters can be used in all charts but the seating chart. Before creating your own filter, you should study the built-in filters to see how they were set up.



To create a new filter:

  • Choose Gradebook Options from the Edit menu and select the Filters tab.
  • Click the New Filter button. The New Filter window will open.filters_02.jpg
  • Enter a name in the Filter Name field.
  • (Optional) Use the Keyboard menu to select a unique key to be used to activate your filter.
  • Your filter may contain individual filters for students, assignments and scores. Use the tabs to switch between these three parts. Under each tab, enter up to four rules. The rules can be connected using and or found in the small menus to the left. And connects two rules so that they must both be met while or allows either rule to be sufficient. Each rule consists of a subject and a condition that are selected using menus. Depending on the type of condition, the rule may or may not have an object that must be completed by typing letters or words into a text field. Case is not important.

FAQ: I have a group of students (or just one student) with unique assignments. How can I create a filter to show just this group and its assignments?