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GPA, or grade point average, is a numerical point value (i.e. 4.00) assigned to a student’s grade (i.e. A). The GPAs from multiple classes can be combined to produce a weighted, multi-class GPA. GPA can be displayed in certain charts and reports.


To edit GPA options:

  1. Choose Gradebook Options from the Edit menu and select the GPA tab.
  2. In the Grades column (on the left), enter all grades (i.e. A+) that are in use in your gradebook in all of your classes. These can be entered in any order.
  3. In the Point Values column (on the right), enter a numeric point (i.e. 4.00) value for each grade. Values must be between 0.00 and 10.00.

To set the weights used when multi-class GPAs are calculated:

  1. Choose Record from the Chart menu.
  2. Select the Classes tab.
  3. Edit the Class Weight for each class.

To display GPA in the Score (or other) chart:

  1. In the Score chart, press on the column title above the column of student names (or an adjacent column) and, from the menu that pops up, choose Add NEW Column. A new column with student names will appear. Note: this menu item will become disabled if the eight-column limit has been reached.
  2. Press on the new column’s title to bring up the menu again, but, this time, choose Main Grades->GPA. The printed Score chart report will include this column as well.


To display GPA in the Multi-class Gradesheet report:

  1. Choose Print from the File menu. From the Report menu, select Multi-class Gradesheet. Select the Options tab.
  2. Press on the Grade display menu and choose show as GPAs.
  3. To include a column with weighted, multi-class GPAs, turn on the Include Multi-class Avg. option.

To display GPA in the Student Progress report:

  • Choose Print from the File menu. From the Report menu, select Student Progress.
  • Under the Options tab, turn on the Include Student Title Data option.
  • Open this option and from the Include menu, select GPA. To cause this to be a weighted, multi-class GPA, turn on the Include Multiple Classes (in each report) option.