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Blackboard Help

Clipboard Text

Use clipboard text options to create and store sentences and paragraphs that can be used and reused in score notes, summary notes and student reports. There is no limit to the number of clipboard text items and each has a 32,000 keystroke limit. Numerous variables can be added to the text; Easy Grade Pro completes the variables with student data at the time the text is printed or pasted into notes. Spell-check is available to help ensure that your text is error-free.


To edit clipboard text options:

  • Choose Gradebook Options from the Edit menu and select the Clipboard Text tab.
  • To edit an item, first select it in the upper list. The full text will appear below.
  • To create a new item, select the list item titled NEW ITEM. Then type the text.
  • To delete or duplicate an item, press on the small blue arrow above the list.
  • Use the Insert menu below the text to add text variables. Variables are automatically filled in with the specified student or other data at the time the text is pasted into a note or printed in a report. You may need to put a space before and after each variable to ensure proper spacing when Easy Grade Pro later substitutes the variable with student data.
  • To check spelling, click the Spell button.