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Adding Footnotes and Notes to Scores

A footnote is a short, numbered, predefined note that can be quickly added to one or more scores. It is used to provide additional meaning about the score. Footnotes can be viewed and edited in the Class Options window, Footnote view.

In the score, seat and standard charts, a footnote appears as a small number between one and nine in the lower-left corner of the score cell. However, in a progress report, the full text of the footnote appears with the score.


A footnote number appears in the lower-left corner of a score cell (A) but the full text appears with the score in a progress report (B).

To attach a footnote to a score, do one of the following:

  • Right-click (Windows) or control-click (Macintosh) on the cell and select the footnote from a contextual menu that pops up. To delete a footnote, choose the first item in the menu.
  • Double-click the score to open the Score Note window and select a footnote. To delete a footnote, select the first list item.
  • Select one or more score cells and click on a footnote in the Mini-summary palette. If the palette is not visible, choose Show Mini-sum. in the Gradebook Options window, under the General tab. Press on the menu on the palette to display the list of footnotes. Select the first list item to delete a footnote.footnotes_02.jpg


The Mini-summary window can be used to attach footnotes to scores.

In addition to score footnotes, you may attach unique and lengthy notes to scores. You may even use notes instead of scores for special situations. The section that follows explains how to attach notes to scores.

To attach a note to a score:

  • Double-click on a student’s score cell or select the score cell and click the Open Score Note tool footnotes_03.jpg. The Score Note window will open. 


    The Score Note window allows you to attach a unique, lengthy note to a score. The sample Score Cell in the upper-left corner shows how the note alters the appearance of the score cell. 

  • Use the Format menu to select one of the following:
    • Note is for teacher; footnote is for student. The footnote but not the note will appear in a student’s progress report.
    • Note is for student. The note will appear in a student report. A footnote is not allowed.
    • Note is for student in place of score. The note will appear in a student report in place of a score. A footnote is not allowed.
  • Type the note or use the Clipboard tool to paste in a note created in the Clipboard Text view of the Gradebook Options window. See Gradebook Options: Clipboard Text for additional information on Clipboard text.The sample Score Cell in the upper-left corner shows how the note alters the appearance of the score cell. If you add a note using the first or second formats, a small, black box appears in the upper-right corner of the cell. A footnote number may appear in the lower-left corner. If you choose the third format, a picture of a notebook covers the score cell indicating that a score is not allowed.
  • (Optional) To check the spelling of the note, click the Spell button. 
  • (Optional) To add a note for a different student or assignment, use the menus and buttons at the top and bottom. 
  • Click Done.