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Auto-Filling Attendance Scores

You can have Easy Grade Pro enter scores into your score chart based on attendance codes that you’ve entered in the attendance chart. For example, if you’ve entered an attendance code of AE (excused absence) for three students on a day when one or more assignments are due, you can have Easy Grade Pro enter scores of ab on those assignments for those three students.

To set up scores for auto-filling:

  1. Choose Class Options from the Edit menu and select the Attendance tab.
  2. Under the Auto-fill Score column, select the special scores to be used for auto-filling. Scores can be created under the Score tab in the same window.

To auto-fill attendance scores:

  • Choose Score from the Chart menu.
  • Select the column or columns that you would like to auto-fill by pressing on an assignment’s column number and dragging left or right. You can select any assignments regardless of date because Easy Grade Pro will only fill in scores when the date of the assignment matches the date of the attendance code.
  • From the Tool menu, choose Score Tools-> Auto-fill Attendance Scores or click on the Auto-fill Attendance Scores tool auto_fill_01.jpg. If this tool is not on the tool bar, press on hold on any unused tool (or on an empty tool location) and, from the menu that pops up, choose this tool.