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The Two Views of the Standard Chart: 1-Assignment and 1-Student

The Standard chart actually consists of two separate charts: 1-Assignment and 1-Student. You’ll find tabs for these below the tool bar. Both the 1-Assignment and 1-Student views can be used to enter scores and notes on your assignments and standards. So why are there two charts? Because there are four types of data – students, assignments, standards and scores — it is impossible to show all the data in a two-dimensional view. With the 1-Assignment chart, you can view scores for all students on a single assignment (with linked standards). With the 1-Student view, you can view scores on all assignments (with linked standards) for one student.

To view or switch between the two standard charts:

  1. Choose Standard from the Chart menu.
  2. Find the standard tool bar below the main tool bar. Press on the 1-Assign. and 1-Student tabs to switch between the two charts.

To choose an assignment or student for viewing:

  • Press on the menu immediately below the tabs (B).
  • Click on the Prior Item two_views_01.jpg or Next Item tool two_views_02.jpg (C).two_views_03.jpg

To link 1 or more standards to an assignment:

  • In the 1-Assignment chart, press on the Standards tool two_views_04.jpg(D). From the menu that appears, select up to ten standards. Note: only standards that do not have standards linked to them from below can be selected and scored.
  • Standards can also be linked to an assignment in the assignments record. To view a record, double-click on the assignment’s name or choose Record from the Chart menu. From the Standards menu, select up to ten standards.