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Blackboard Help

Saving your Work

Securing your Student Data

EGP Web will sync your data to Edline every 4.5 minutes, if you have edited data during that time. When you exit EGP Web, your final changes will be synced to the Web automatically. This insures that your most current gradebook information is always available from any computer with Internet access, and that your exported grades and attendance are available to your administrator to pull back in to your Student Information System.

If you have EGP Web running and have not made edits to any of your gradebooks in about 1 hour, you will be logged out. You will then be prompted to log in again to continue working. Please note that your data will be saved to Edline prior to the timeout. The only time that you will lose data that you entered is if you lose your Internet connection while working in EGP Web, so that EGP is not able to access Edline to synchronize the data. In this case, you will receive a message that the connection has been lost and the most data you will ever lose is 4.5 minutes.

If it important to note that syncing cannot occur if you are viewing a special dialog window such as the Print window, the Summaries window, etc. So, be sure to close these windows when not in use and return to the main gradebook window where syncing is free to occur.

Reverting to a Previous Gradebook

If you need to revert to a previous gradebook file, please contact your EGP Web administrator.