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Set Edline and Gradebooks Permissions

The super user has access to all the functions/features of Edline. In Edline the super user has the ability to limit access by other administrative users so they do not also have to be set up as super users. All of these permissions are described in Edline’s Help. The permissions that are relevant to the use of the web gradebook are described here.

Gradebook Manager

A user with this permission enabled can:

  • Edit the School Template file
  • Assist as a gradebook administrator for all teachers (via SiteManager functionality)
  • Log in to teacher gradebooks in Edit Mode
  • Post reports to Edline for individual gradebooks
  • Enable/disable the gradebook for teachers
  • Run reports (Multiple Gradebooks Report and View Grade Export Dates)
  • Delete gradebook user settings for teachers
  • Delete items from WebClientData
  • Restore Gradebooks in the Recycle Bin
  • Manage the *Gradebooks folder for each class.

A user with this permission enabled can

  • Upload all user data such as rosters, schedules, students, classes, teachers and school‐wide private reports to Edline
  • Using LiveLink Web or Edline Desktop Tools

SiteReporter Web does not apply to the EGP Web gradebook.

Gradebook Superviewer

A user with this permission enabled can view all teacher gradebooks (without edit capabilities.)

How to Enable User Permissions

As the Super User in Edline, access Manage Users from the Command Center.

  1. Click the Edit button next to the users name for which you want to enable a special permission.
  2. From the Modify User page, click the Change Permissions button.
  3. Choose Yes for the permission you wish to give the selected person.
  4. Click Update to save your change.