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Blackboard Help

Create Combined Class Reports

This EGP Web feature allows the school to create combined class reports for each student to print or post to the school’s home page. This feature allows you to combine 250 classes.

  1. Log in to Edline as Gradebook Manager and run EGP Web.
  2. Click Reports Mode.
  3. A dialog will prompt you to select the teachers you want to combine. The maximum number of classes that can be combined is 250. The list of teachers will show the number of classes for each. If you select more than 250, you will receive a warning.
  4. Select a class from Choose a Class drop down.
  5. Click File>Print or the Print icon on the toolbar to open the report window. For posting a report, click File>Internet/Edline.
  6. For printing from Choose a Report drop down, select Student Progress (report card). For posting, Upload Report to Edline is already chosen.
  7. Click the Options tab to customize the report. To include multiple classes, check the box next to Include Multiple Classes option.
  8. Click the Set button to order classes that will appear on the report.
  9. The list of classes appears with instructions to order them for the report.
  10. After ordering the classes, you can continue to customize your report. All modifications will be reflected in the print preview on the right. Once you have completed your customizations, print the report. If you are uploading the report to your school page, click Upload.