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If you need to send data to your school’s student information system (SIS), please contact your EGPWeb administrator.

Exporting is typically used to transfer student grade data to other software such as word processor, spreadsheet or database software to take advantage of the unique tools of these programs. When exporting, you can create two types of files: Easy Grade Pro gradebooks and text files. Text is a standard file format that many programs use for transferring data to other programs.

How to Export

  • Select Export from the File menu or use the Export tool File:en-us/Edline/050_Gradebooks/020_Easy_Grade_Pro_(EGP)/130_Porting/020_Exporting/ExportTool.jpg to open the Export window. The Export window has two tabs. Under the first tab, you’ll find export formats that are built-in. Under the second tab you’ll find user-defined and other editable formats. Your EGP Web administrator may create formats that will automatically appear under this tab.
  • (Optional) If the format that you need is not present, you can create one by first clicking the Other Formats tab and then clicking the New Format button. 
  • Select the classes to be exported from the list on the right. Select the students to be exported using the menu below the list.
  • Select a format and click Next. What happens after clicking depends on the selected format. The formats include:
    • Export Attendance. This format is usually not selected directly because it is automatically used whenever the Export Attendance tool is selected from the tool bar. 
    • Export Report Card Data. This format can be used to export student grade data to database software that prints custom report cards. 
    • Export Summary Comments. Use this format to create a text file of the list of comments found in the Summaries window.
    • Export Standards List. Use this format to create a text file of the standards in a class.
    • Other Formats. The formats that appear under the Other Formats tab can only be used to export student data to text files.
  • If the Export Preview window appears, verify the data and click the Export button.

How to Create Formats for Exporting

If you need to send data to your school’s student information system (SIS), please contact your EGPWeb administrator.

If you wish to export student data to spreadsheet, database and other software, you may need to create a porting format. This section explains how to create formats that appear under the Other Formats tab in the Export window.

Creating formats requires a certain amount of knowledge of file formats and ASCII codes. In addition, it requires 100% accuracy or else unpredictable results may occur. Proceed with caution!

By default, Easy Grade Pro separates fields (pieces of data) using tabs (ASCII 9) and separates records using a CR (carriage return, ASCII 13). Many word processing, spreadsheet and consumer database program also use this format when porting. In the PC world, many programs use a CR/LF (carriage return/line feed, ASCII 13/10) combination instead of a CR. You may need to modify a format to include a CR/LF. For help with this, see FAQ: How do I set the record delimiter to the CR/LF used by most Windows programs?.

  • From the Export window, select the Other Formats tab. Then click the New button. The New Format window will open. On the left side of this window is a list of fields that are available for use in the format.
  • To add a field to your format, select it in the list on the left and click the Copy button. The field is copied to the format list on the right. If a field is in the wrong position in the format list, press on it and drag it to the new location. A format is limited to thirty fields per record.
  • (Optional) Select the Quotes button. Set this item if the data should have quotation marks around each field.
  • (Optional) To customize a field, select it and click the Edit button. Easy Grade Pro automatically uses a tab-delimited format in which each field is variable in length and is followed by a tab (ASCII 9) for most fields and a CR (ASCII 13) for the last field in a record. To change this formatting, or to make a field required (for export formats), select the field in the list on the right and click the Edit button. A small window will open with options for changing the format of a field.

    Only those with sufficient knowledge of file formats should attempt to make changes in this window. Any field that has been customized will have an asterisk appended to its name in the list.

    If you set the Field Data Required item in an export format, Easy Grade Pro will block exporting until all required data are complete.

  • Name the format in the text field at the top of the window and click Done. The name will appear under the Other Formats tab in the Import or Export window.

Exporting Attendance

If you need to send attendance to your school’s student information system (SIS), please contact your EGPWeb administrator.

Easy Grade Pro allows you to export attendance over a network in just a few steps.

How to prepare for the exporting of attendance:

Careful preparations are required before exporting can begin. These are listed next.

  • Attendance Folder. A folder must be set up on a shared volume to hold the daily attendance export files. The path name (name of folder, enclosing folders and volume) must not change once exporting has begun. The volume should be automatically mounted on each teacher’s computer.
  • Attendance Categories. Each teacher’s gradebook must have the school’s attendance categories and codes. Although these can be set by each teacher using the Class Options window, it is suggested that a gradebook template be set up and made available to teachers.
  • Export Attendance Format. Easy Grade Pro has a built-in export format for attendance. This format has the name Export Attendance and can be found under the Built-in Formats tab of the Export window. It has the following fields:
    Field 1 Selected Date
    Field 2 ID
    Field 3 Last Name, First
    Field 4 Selected Day’s Attendance

    If desired, you can create your own custom format. In order for Easy Grade Pro to use your format, it must be named Export Attendance. It is best to include the format in a gradebook template.

  • Calendar Settings. Attendance data cannot be recorded until calendar options have been set in the Class Options window.
  • Export Attendance Tool. The Export Attendance tool File:en-us/Edline/050_Gradebooks/020_Easy_Grade_Pro_(EGP)/130_Porting/020_Exporting/ExportAttendanceTool.jpg is used to start the export process. It must be placed on either the tool bar. To add the tool, press and hold on any occupied or unoccupied tool location. Select the Export Attendance tool from the menu that appears. It is best to include this setting in the gradebook template.

How to export attendance:

Before you can export attendance, your gradebook must have the correct attendance categories and export format. The Export Attendance Tool must be on the tool bar and the volume to receive your attendance data must be mounted on your computer. You must know the name to use for your export file and the location in which it is to be saved. Be sure to enter your attendance data in the attendance chart or seating chart first. Then follow these steps:

  • Click the Export Attendance tool. A small calendar will appear (shown below). This calendar will automatically display the current date but you may change this by clicking on another date. Click OK.
  • Easy Grade Pro will gather the attendance data for the selected date and present it in the Export Preview window (shown below). This window is used to verify the attendance data. Note that only students with attendance marks appear. Even if the preview window is empty, it is important to export so that a file is created indicating that attendance has been sent. Click the Export Records button.
  • If this is the first time that you are exporting attendance from the gradebook, the standard Save dialog window will open allowing you to name and save the export file. Use the unique name given to you. The location to save the file should be the attendance folder set up on a shared volume. Easy Grade Pro will remember the name and location and use them automatically in the future.If you saved the file using the wrong name or location, you must reset Easy Grade Pro. To do this, click the Export Records button in the Export Preview window while holding down the option (Macintosh) or Ctrl (Windows) key. You will be able to reset the name and location.

Report Card Data Format

If you need to send data to your school’s student information system (SIS), please contact your EGPWeb administrator.

This section explains the Report Card Data export format found in the Export window of Easy Grade Pro. This format can be used to export student data to a general-purpose database program so that custom report cards can be printed.

The Report Card Data format consists of 157 fields (listed to the right). Virtually every piece of data about a student is included (other than individual attendance marks and assignment scores). Even the text found in the Summaries window is included. This format results in a tab-delimited text file.

1 Last Name, First
2 Last Name
3 First Name
4 ID
5 Gender
6 Status
7 Grade Scale
8 Language
9 Student Custom 1
10 Student Custom 2
11 Student Custom 3
12 Student Custom 4
13 Student Custom 5
14 Student Custom 6
15 Student Custom 7
16 Student Custom 8
17 Student Custom 9
18 Student Custom 10
19 Student Custom 11
20 Student Custom 12
21 Class Name
22 Class Weight
23 Class Custom 1
24 Class Custom 2
25 Class Custom 3
26 Class Custom 4
27 Class Custom 5
28 Class Custom 6
29 Class Custom 7
30 Class Custom 8
31 Overall Points
32 Overall %
33 Overall Grade
34 Class Rank
35 Class Average %
36 Class Average Grade
37 Current Term Points
38 Current Term %
39 Current Term Grade
40 Category 1 Points
41 Category 1 %
42 Category 1 Grade
43 Category 2 Points
44 Category 2 %
45 Category 2 Grade
46 Category 3 Points
47 Category 3 %
48 Category 3 Grade
49 Category 4 Points
50 Category 4 %
51 Category 4 Grade
52 Category 5 Points
53 Category 5 %
54 Category 5 Grade
55 Category 6 Points
56 Category 6 %
57 Category 6 Grade
58 Category 7 Points
59 Category 7 %
60 Category 7 Grade
61 Category 8 Points
62 Category 8 %
63 Category 8 Grade
64 Category 9 Points
65 Category 9 %
66 Category 9 Grade
67 Category 10 Points
68 Category 10 %
69 Category 10 Grade
70 Category 11 Points
71 Category 11 %
72 Category 11 Grade
73 Category 12 Points
74 Category 12 %
75 Category 12 Grade
76 Category 13 Points
77 Category 13 %
78 Category 13 Grade
79 Category 14 Points
80 Category 14 %
81 Category 14 Grade
82 Category 15 Points
83 Category 15 %
84 Category 15 Grade
85 #Missing Assignments
86 Completed Work Points
87 Completed Work %
88 Completed Work Grade
89 Term 1 Points
90 Term 1 %
91 Term 1 Grade
92 Term 2 Points
93 Term 2 %
94 Term 2 Grade
95 Term 3 Points
96 Term 3 %
97 Term 3 Grade
98 Term 4 Points
99 Term 4 %
100 Term 4 Grade
101 Term 5 Points
102 Term 5 %
103 Term 5 Grade
104 Term 6 Points
105 Term 6 %
106 Term 6 Grade
107 Term 7 Points
108 Term 7 %
109 Term 7 Grade
110 Term 8 Points
111 Term 8 %
112 Term 8 Grade
113 Term 9 Points
114 Term 9 %
115 Term 9 Grade
116 Term 10 Points
117 Term 10 %
118 Term 10 Grade
119 Master Attendance 1
120 Master Attendance 2
121 Master Attendance 3
122 Master Attendance 4
123 Master Attendance 5
124 Master Attendance 6
125 Master Attendance 7
126 Master Attendance 8
127 Master Attendance 9
128 Master Attendance 10
129 Attendance 1
130 Attendance 2
131 Attendance 3
132 Attendance 4
133 Attendance 5
134 Attendance 6
135 Attendance 7
136 Attendance 8
137 Attendance 9
138 Attendance 10
139 Attendance 11
140 Attendance 12
141 Attendance 13
142 Attendance 14
143 Attendance 15
144 Today’s Date (short)
145 Comment 1 (number)
146 Comment 2 (number)
147 Comment 3 (number)
148 Comment 4 (number)
149 Comment 5 (number)
150 Comment 6 (number)
151 Comment 1 (text)
152 Comment 2 (text)
153 Comment 3 (text)
154 Comment 4 (text)
155 Comment 5 (text)
156 Comment 6 (text)
157 Student Summary Note