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What's New?

For new features and changes with My Gradebooks, please review this section.

November 2014

Several enhancements are available in My Gradebooks. Save time and view the information you need in your gradebooks.

Save Time

Teachers will now be able to fill a grading column with a specific score for quicker grading. Use the Populate Scores feature to fill the column. You can also check Only fill empty cells to only populate the blank cells with the score. 


Also, any filtering criteria will be retained while switching from different gradebooks and when re-entering the gradebook. This change will save time when needing to focus on the same grading period across different gradebooks.

Determine Student Data to View

Teachers will also have better control of the student information available in your gradebook. You will be able to hide dropped students, and select which student data fields to include in the Student Information page.


View Class Data

Teachers will also be able to view class information through the gradebook. Class information can include the course number, subject, and GPA credits. 


Plus Additional Corrections

Corrections have been made to ensure My Gradebooks will run properly on the latest Yosemite version of the Macintosh operating system.

August 2014

Teachers will now be able to create and update their seating charts directly through My Gradebooks. You will also be able to take attendance via the seating chart, and can set preferences for the seating chart.

Image illustrating associated text

To learn more, see Seating Charts.

Plus, you will experience better scrolling and swiping capabilities in My Gradebooks.

June 2014

With the current release more users will be able to access My Gradebooks. Blackboard has completed significant testing of My Gradebooks on both Firefox® and Google® Chrome® for Windows® users. Soon, those users that prefer a Windows environment will be able to use My Gradebooks when their gradebook administrator has enabled this access. Blackboard will continue to update you on the Windows environment performance testing, and will notify you when this feature can be available for your teachers.

The User Interface (UI) for My Gradebooks will now default to the newer interface for all users. Mac®, iPad and Chromebook users will be able to opt out and return to the Legacy View that they had previously seen as the default.

Plus, a new Collapse icon (File:en-us/Edline/050_Gradebooks/030_My_Gradebooks/010_What's_New/collapseicon1.jpg) has been added to the UI to collapse the side menu to view more assignments in your gradebook on the page.

Image illustrating associated text

Blackboard looks forward to increasing the use of My Gradebooks to more GradeQuick Web customers!

May 2014 Changes

In our previous release of My Gradebooks, Blackboard introduced you to a new User Interface (UI) that you could opt-in to use. You will still have the option to use the new interface or the legacy interface. However, three new features have been added to the new interface.

Image illustrating associated text

  • Seating Chart — A preview of the Seating Chart will be available to teachers in My Gradebooks if they have previously created them in GradeQuick Web. In a future release, teachers will be able to build the seating arrangement of their classroom in the gradebook, which they could then use to print, or use as a way to pair students for projects. The chart will be especially helpful for teachers first learning names and faces. This feature is available in the new UI only.
  • Gradebook Copy — Teachers will be able to save time when configuring their gradebooks and adding assignments for multiple classes of the same subject. Use the Gradebook Copy feature to copy settings and assignments from one gradebook to others. This feature is available in the new UI only.
  • Overwrite Grades — The automatic calculations of the gradebook do not always accurately capture all the other factors that can contribute to a student’s overall effort grade, such as participation in-class group activities, growth over time, and other extra credit activities. With My Gradebooks, teachers can now overwrite the grade automatically assigned by the gradebook for the year, by term, or for special assignments. This feature is available in the new UI only.