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Blackboard Help

How Do I Start?

After teachers log into Edline, they can access their My Gradebooks. If you have not activated your Edline account, see the Activate Your Account topic in the Edline online help.

How to Open My Gradebooks

  • From the Tools menu, under the Teaching Tools heading, select My Gradebooks. The spreadsheet opens for data-entry.

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After the My Gradebooks page opens, you can click on one of the Views or Tools:

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Displays the Gradebook page where you can enter assignments, tests, and grades for each student.


Displays the Attendance page where you can track students’ classroom attendance.

Seating Chart

Displays the Seating Chart page where you can create the seating charts for your classroom, and take attendance from the seating chart.


Displays the Skills page where you can assess a student’s skill level.


Displays the Reports page where you can view student reports and post the information to Edline.

Student Info

Displays the Student Information page where you can view and enter personal information about the student, including home address, parent names, locker location, and notes about the student.


Displays the Settings page where you can configure some changes to the gradebook such as weighting methods and grade scales, and where you can view other settings made for your gradebook.

Gradebook Copy

Allows you to copy your gradebook settings and assignments from one gradebook to another.


Displays the My Gradebooks online help files.


Saves content and closes My Gradebooks. Teacher returns to the school's Edline website.