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Grading Options

My Gradebooks provides teachers with numerous features to create their own grading scales, to define their own grading conventions (numeric 4.0, percentages, alphabetic A-F, and symbols such as check marks, plus, and minus values), and to determine different weighting schemes for individual assignments, categories of assignments, and terms. My Gradebooks’ flexibility allows you to calculate student averages based on your own best practices.

Any time you want to set the grading options, you need to open the Settings page.

  1. Click Settings from the My Gradebooks toolbar to open the Settings page.
  2. Click the Grading tab to access all the Grading options.

Some options may be locked by your Gradebook Manager, and others may require you to set another feature first. Any features locked out or unavailable to you will be grayed out or the fields will be read-only, and you will not be able to change the setting. Any options that are dependent on another will display a message letting you know what needs to be changed.