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You can open the Gradebook page from the My Gradebooks menu or the Edline menu. When you choose My Gradebooks from the Tools menu in Edline, the Gradebook page opens. If currently viewing another page from within My Gradebooks, click Gradebook.

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The Gradebook page displays the class roster with columns for each assignment, such as homework or tests which require a score. If you have more than 50 students or create more than 25 assignments, they will appear on the next pages. Before you can enter scores, you first need to add the assignments to the gradebook. You can enter a score in a highlighted cell where the student and the assignment intersect. A double-asterisk (**) in a cell is a default grading symbol initially assigned to the cell with no value (exempt).

How to Filter Your Gradebook

Over time you will need to filter your gradebook to focus on a specific set of assignments. Complete the following steps to limit the number of columns in your view.

  1. Click the Filter button.
  2. Set your filter criteria:
    • Select the term number to filter By Term.
    • Select the assignment category to filter By Category.
    • Select the first and last assignment dates to include to filter By Date.
    • To search for a specific assignment, type the name name of the assignment in the Search field. 
  3. Click Apply.

You can remove the filter criteria by clicking Reset