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You can enter scores for assignments listed in your gradebook. A double-asterisk (**) in a cell is a default exempt grading symbol initially assigned to the cell that has no value. You can also change or delete a score from any cell available in the Gradebook page.

You can open the Gradebook page from the My Gradebooks menu or the Edline menu:

  • From the Edline menu, select Tools and then My Gradebooks.
  • If currently on another page from within My Gradebooks menu, click Gradebook.

How to Enter Scores

  1. Select the gradebook where you want to enter scores from the Gradebooks drop-down list.

    You can filter the number of columns in your gradebook by selecting the specific term or special assignment you want to enter scores for from the Filters field.

  2. Click the cell where the student and assignment intersect.

    If your school’s Gradebook Manager "freezes" a grading period, you will not be able to add, change, or delete assignments or scores. The cells will contain a Lock icon marking the grading as frozen.

  3. Manually type the score, or click the correct symbol from the Score Symbols drop-down list.
    If check marks are available, teachers can select them from the Score Symbols list, or they can double-click and highlight content in the cell and press OPTION+V.

    When you hover over the Score Symbols, the system will display the values associated with each symbol.

  4. Optional — You can attach a footnote to a score.

    Add a Footnote — To add a footnote about the score, click the cell with the score and then select the symbol from the Score Footnotes list. You can only select one footnote per score. If no footnotes have been customized, the list will NOT be displayed.

    Hover over the Score Footnotes to display the full footnote details. Examples can include 1 — Excellent Work, 2 — Needs to Focus Better, and l — Late.

    Delete a Footnote — Click the cell and click the Score Footnotes to remove.

  5. Click Done when finished.

How to Set an Entire Column with the Same Score

For faster grading, there may be times when you want to set the same score for an assignment column, and then just change the scores for individual students. This feature will be helpful when the majority of your class achieved perfect scores for an assignment. 

  1. Click the Information (File:en-us/Edline/050_Gradebooks/030_My_Gradebooks/040_Gradebooks/010_Assignments/new-UI-information-icon.jpg) icon available in the Assignment Column.


  2. Type the score in the Populate Scores box.
  3. Click Fill to fill the column with the score. 
    A warning appears ensuring the column change.
  4. To only fill cells that are empty, check Only Fill empty cells to populate blank cells only. 
  5. Click Yes to change the score.

Check Marks

Before entering check marks in gradebooks, teachers need to have the check mark symbols defined. Check mark symbols can be added manually in GradeQuick Web, or transferred by the Gradebook Manager on a school-wide basis.

How to Change or Delete a Score

Change a Score — Click in the score cell you want to change, and type the new score, or click the symbol in the Score Symbols list.

Delete a Score — Double-click in the cell where you want to delete a score, and press DELETE from your keyboard. The score will be replaced with the ** symbol.

You can also replace the score with the ** symbol from the Score Symbols list.