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Sync with Interactive Classroom

If your school uses the Interactive Classroom module available for Edline websites, when you create an online assignment in your Edline class page, you can set the assignment and scores to automatically sync to your gradebook.

When creating an assignment in Edline, set Sync with gradebook to Yes.

Image illustrating associated text

Setup Section of an Interactive Assignment

The assignment will automatically be available in the Gradebook spreadsheet. Any scores will also be included. You cannot enter any changes in My Gradebooks. You will need to access the assignment through Edline.

If you click the Edit icon from the assignment column, many of the fields in the Edit Assignment dialog will not be available.

You can update the Special Assignment or Term boxes, Category, and Date boxes. You cannot change Name, Long Name, Possible Points, or Weight.

To learn more, see the Edline documentation for How to Create Online Quizzes and Homework Drop-Boxes.