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You can open the Attendance page from the My Gradebooks menu or the Edline menu. When you choose My Gradebooks from the Tools menu in Edline, the Gradebook page opens. To access the Attendance page, click Attendance on the toolbar.

The Attendance page cannot be swiped to move to the next or previous week for better usability. Click the Next and Previous arrow buttons to move to a different week.

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The chart displays the class roster with columns for each day of the week. The chart automatically opens with the week of the current day. If you want to enter records for another date, use the left/right arrow keys to scroll to another week. You can enter attendance codes for dates in the future if you know an absence is planned. You cannot enter attendance for days prior to the first day of school.

Each cell contains a space where you enter or select the appropriate attendance code. A blank cell marks the student as Present.

Office Attendance

If your school uses a Student Information System (SIS) with the Office Attendance feature, your school’s front office may enter attendance information. As a result, teachers may see two attendance codes in their gradebooks — one code that they entered and one transferred by the front office. The Office Attendance feature will allow teachers to replace their attendance codes with the more updated ones from the front office by hovering over the header and clicking the R icon.

If you do not have access to the R (Replace) icon, the Gradebook Manager may have used the Set Permissions for Options feature to disable the icon. Contact your Gradebook Manager for more information.

How to Take Attendance

When you take attendance with My Gradebooks, you do not need to mark all the students that are present; only mark those that are tardy or absent.

You can also take attendance in the Seating Chart page.

  1. Select the gradebook where you want to add attendance from the Gradebooks drop-down list.

    The Attendance page will display the current day when you open the page. You can select a different week where you need to add attendance by clicking the Forward or Backward icons in the toolbar. Click the Today button to return to the current day.

  2. Click the cell where the student and date intersect.
  3. Click the appropriate attendance code from the drop-down list available in the cell.

    When you hover over an Attendance Code, the code definition will display. Examples can include T — Tardy, UA — Unexcused Absence, and EA — Excused Absence.

  4. Click Done when finished.

How to Manually Export Attendance for Rediker

Rediker® customers can manually export their attendance information from the gradebooks. An Export button will be available on the Attendance page if this feature is available at your school.

  1. Select the gradebook you want to export from the Gradebooks drop-down list.
  2. Click Export.
    You will be able to select the date to export.
  3. Change the date and time export if needed.
    The current date is the default.
    • Select a new date by clicking on the calendar.
    • Select AM or PM from the Export for Period box if you need to export day or afternoon attendance.
  4. Click OK when finished. You will receive a message when the export file is complete.