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Student Information

Student Information is where you can keep personal information about your students. This information may include student birthdays, parents’ names, home addresses, phone numbers, and other data about a student.

If your school populates Student Information with the data available in the school’s Student Information System (SIS), the fields in this section will already contain data. As a result, you may not need to enter any student information. If data is present, any changes you make will NOT be saved.

You can open the Student Information page from the My Gradebooks menu. Click Student Info from the toolbar.

(Click image for a clearer view. The fields you see in your gradebook may look different from those shown in the sample pictures. )

Image illustrating associated text

How to Enter Student Information

  1. There are two ways to enter student information:
    • Type the information directly in the columns of the Student Information page.
    • Click the hyperlink name of the student to access the Edit Student Data dialog. The hyperlink is also available in the My Gradebooks views, Gradebook and Attendance.
  2. Enter the information about the student in each of the fields available.
    The information is automatically saved.

    Some schools may include comment fields where you enter a code that references a particular text comment that you want to use to describe student’s behavior or classroom effort for the report card. See your administrator for more information if your school uses these fields.

  3. If using the Edit Student Data dialog, click Exit to update the Student Information page.

How to Change or Delete Information

If you entered data in a field, you can change or delete it. If fields were already present with data, you will not be able to permanently change or delete the data.

Your Gradebook Manager can also restrict the editing of fields.

  • Change Information — Click in the cell you want to change, and type the new information.
  • Delete Information — Double-click in the cell where you want to delete data, and press DELETE from your keyboard.

How to Add a Note about a Student

You can add a note about a student that can appear on reports and may be part of the grade export. The note does not have a character limit unless one is set by your school.

  1. From the Edit Student Data dialog, click the Note to Student tab.
  2. Type your note about the student.
    The information is automatically saved.
  3. Click Exit when finished.