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View the Combined Calendar

The Combined Calendar feature in Edline enables you to view all of your class events, assignment due dates, test dates, sports events, club meetings, and general school activities on a single, personalized calendar. It can act as your To-Do List. For students, this feature is a great way to track all your academic and extra-curricular activities. For parents, this feature helps you keep tabs on all of your children’s scholastic and extra-curricular activities. Teachers, counselors, coaches, and other school or district administrators can monitor meetings, general school events, and their class schedules all from their own Combined Calendar.

How to Open the Combined Calendar

If you are a parent with more than one child attending a school that uses Edline, you will be able to switch between each child’s combined calendar, regardless whether or not they attend the same school.

  1. From the My Edline menu, under My Content, select Combined Calendar.
  2. From the Combined Calendar page, select which of your children to view from the View As list.
  3. To view all your children’s schedules at once, select All Students Combined. This combined view works on Monthly and Weekly calendars.
  4. Click on any event to view the details.

To print the calendar, click the Print-Friendly View link to open the calendar in a print view, and then click Print.