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Sync the School Calendar to Your Personal Calendar

All users — parents, students, teachers, and administrators — will have the option to subscribe to a school, class, sport, or other activity calendar to permanently sync with their external calendars including iCal (iPhones and iPads), Google, Hotmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. As a result, your personal mobile calendars will always contain the latest information without needing to export content. This feature will be a great help to external calendar users. You will need to add the calendar subscription to your device to include your school calendar.

Because of security reasons, the synchronization will only work with events that your school, teacher, or coach marks as available to view to all users. Any content marked for a specific type of user will not be automatically synchronized, since the user will need to logged into Edline to view them. For this reason, the Subscribe feature will NOT be available on the Combined Calendar. You can use the export feature in the Combined Calendar to incorporate your personal events to your mobile device, but will need to refresh the exports frequently. To learn more, see Download Edline Events to Other Calendars.

How to Subscribe to a Calendar

The calendar information will automatically be synced with your events.

  1. From your Edline website, click on the calendar available on the school homepage, the class page, the sport page, or any other activity page with the events that you want on your mobile device calendar.

  2. Click Subscribe. A pop-up appears displaying the link you need to add to your external calendar.
  3. Click Copy URL to save a copy of the link.
  4. Add the link to your external calendar, such as on your iPhone.

    The following steps used the iPhone 5S with iOS 7. The steps are subject to change.

    • From your iPhone you will need to access your Settings for Mail, Contact, Calendars.
    • Tap Add Account for the calendar.
    • When adding the account, select Other and select Add Subscribed Calendar.
    • Paste or type the information you copied in the Server box.
    • Tap Next.
    • You may need to enter your User Name and Password for the calendar. Complete the steps available on your screen.
  5. After you successfully add the compatible link, you will need to include the calendar to your external calendar app.

    The following steps used the iCal app, on an iPhone 5S, with iOS 7. The steps are subject to change.

    • Tap the Calendar app.
    • Tap Calendars and then tap Edit.
    • Tap Add Calendar and type the Calendar Name and select the Color.
    • Tap Done when finished.