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Delete Old Students and Classes

District/School super users can delete former students and classes. When new student and class files are uploaded to Edline, any students and classes not included in the latest upload are marked for deletion. You will have a chance to preview and select which information should be deleted before completing the action. When a student or class is marked to be deleted, nothing changes for the user or class web page, and no one will know except for the super user of the school. Only when the super user actually deletes the marked students or classes are they actually removed.

Before you begin, it is important that you do NOT delete classes if your school uses Easy Grade Pro Web or GradeQuick Web. Your classes (and gradebooks) are automatically archived for you in a special manner and associated with the proper semester for easy retrieval later.
It is also important that you do NOT delete students during the school year if you are posting private reports from any source. Even if students leave for another school mid-year, those students may want to access reports from their old school, and these will be deleted if the student is deleted. However, it IS recommended that students be deleted at the end of the school year if they will no longer attend that school. Deleted students will receive new activation codes from their new school if switching districts. If your district is using the matriculation feature so students can keep their screen names and passwords in their next-level school, those students will be moved to the next school and not be included in the deletion.

How to Delete Old Students and/or Classes

You can preview the students and classes marked for deletion from the Tools menu by selecting Manage School.

  1. Click Students and Classes Not in Previous Upload from the School Maintenance area to access the Delete Non Uploaded Classes and Students page.

    To preview the students or classes marked for deletion, click Preview to view the list.

  2. Select the data to delete by completing one of the following steps:
    • To delete the students only, click Delete Students Now.
    • To delete the classes only, click Delete Non Uploaded Classes Now.
    • To delete students and classes, click Delete Students and Classes Now.

    You cannot select which students to delete from this section. You must delete all or none. If there are students that you believe are still enrolled at the school and they have been marked for deletion, DO NOT DELETE ANY DATA and contact your technical support representative. When you delete a student, all their data is deleted including their file lockers.

  3. Click OK on the system prompt ensuring the deletion.