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Clear Schedules

District/School super users can quickly remove all students from their classes by clearing the class roster (schedule). The system automatically clears old rosters when you upload your new schedules to Edline. However, if you ever need to remove all of your students from all of your classes, this option is available to you.

Blackboard recommends that you contact technical support before starting this procedure. But, if you do delete your schedules, the next time you upload schedule data the schedules will be re-established on Edline.

If your school uses a gradebook application, you must clear class schedules from the teacher pages and not from the Manage School page.

How to Clear the Class Rosters

  1. Open the Modify School page from the Tools menu by selecting Manage School.
  2. Click Clear All Schedules from the School Maintenance area.
  3. Click OK on the system prompt ensuring the schedule removal.