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Import Staff Directory Profiles

The district or school super user can import the information to be made available in the Staff Directory. This option will save teachers time when updating their school profiles.

The Quick Sync feature available in Edline includes the Overwrite User Profile Upload (es_prf_01) format and the no overwrite version User Profile Upload (es_prf_01~nw) format. You can use the Overwrite User Profile Upload (es_prf_01) format to upload the staff profiles and overwrite any existing profile information (ideal for the beginning of the school year); and the User Profile Upload (es_prf_01~nw) format, which you can use to upload only new staff profile information and not overwrite any existing content.

You can include the Staff Directory Profile fields in your Contact upload file to update contacts and the staff directory while maintaining only one file. To learn more, see Upload User Contact Information.

Format of Profiles File — es_prf_01 and es_prf_01~nw

The format of the es_prf_01 file is very flexible, but you must have a header with each columns field labeled. All columns in the file must be labeled — even columns not used by the staff directory profile upload. The profile directory file contains the following fields needed for your header (quotation marks ” preferred but not required):


The required fields for the file are:

School ID (Required for uploading more than one school, such as for district uploads. NOT required if you are using Edline for one school only!) — School number or unique identifier (of the school) of which the user is a member. We use “schoolid1″ as the sample school ID below, but most school IDs use integers like 12, or 24, or 125. The School ID will NOT be available for single schools.

UserID (Required) — The user ID must be unique, even across user types. If your system uses the same IDs for users of different types (for example, there could be a teacher “003” as well as a student “003”) you must change one of the user IDs to be different. This step can be accomplished by adding a character that indicates the user type (for example, “T_003” vs. “003”).

Last Name (Required) — Teacher’s last name.

First Name (Required) — Teacher’s first name.

Title (Optional) — You can include the grade-level for the teacher such as, 1st Grade Teacher.

Room (Optional) — You can include the teacher’s room number.

Email (Optional) — You can include the teacher’s email address.

Phone (Optional) — You can include the teacher’s phone number.

PhoneExt (Optional) — You can include the teacher’s extension.

AboutMe (Optional) — You can include the teacher’s personal information.

Example of profile file (quotation marks ” preferred but not required):

"schoolid1","001","Lam","Shaun","1st Grade Teacher","Room 101","",
"18005555555","5555","Graduate of University of Illinois"
"schoolid1","002","Reno","Jean","2nd Grade Teacher","Room 201","","","",""
"schoolid2","001","Long","Sally","English Teacher","10A","","18004554555","4555",""

How to Upload the Staff Directory Profiles

Watch a Tutorial

Managing the Staff Directory

  1. From the menu bar on the homepage, select Tools, and then select Quick Sync.
  2. Click Browse to search for the file that contains the profiles.
  3. In the Type of Data box, select Overwrite User Profile Upload (es_prf_01) to upload the staff directory information while overwriting an existing content, or select User Profile Upload (es_prf_01~nw) to upload only new staff directories.
  4. Click Sync to preview the number of files that will be added.
  5. Click Process to upload the information.
    The upload results will appear.