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Set Domain Name as Website URL

Having your school or district name in your web address is not only great marketing, but it just makes sense for anyone needing access to your website. To setup a custom domain name for your website, you will need to edit the CName file with your Domain Name System (DNS). It can take up to 48 hours for this type of change to propagate throughout various DNS servers.

You can redirect your custom domain name to Edline, while having the address bar continue to show your non-Edline address. Follow the steps below to create a CNAME record in your DNS settings that will point to Edline.


How to Set Up CNAME Record

  1. Determine the domain to be redirected to Edline:
    • If you only have one custom domain and would like each school to have a unique web address based upon this domain, you will need to create sub-domains for each site (for example - and with your domain registrar.
    • If you have separate domains for your district and each of the schools within the district (for example - and, you will need to complete a CNAME entry at each of the domain name control panels.
  2. Log in to your provider’s management page for your domain (for example -,
  3. Follow the service provider’s instructions to add the appropriate domain names to your CNAME alias.
    If the URL of current website begins with ... Create the CName redirect pointing to ...
    • If you have questions regarding which domain to add, please contact Blackboard Engage's technical support for Edline.
    • Please see this site ( for information on steps for adding the CNAME record for specific hosts.
    • If you need more information regarding this task, please contact your domain service provider directly.
    • Example (Terminology will be different depending on your domain name service provider):
      Alias/Host Record Type Target/Points to
      www CNAME
  4. Depending on your organization’s set up, you may also need to create CNAME records within your internal DNS.
  5. To validate that the CNAME entry has been set up correctly, input your domain name into
    • If the results display the appropriate Edline domain (for example -,, or, then your external settings have been set correctly.
    • Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for the settings to fully propagate.
  6. Contact Blackboard Engage support for Edline at 1-800-215-4289 or to inform us when the CNAME entry has been set and validated. We will then make the appropriate changes at Edline for your site.

Using Multiple Domain Names

When using the CNAME record, it is not possible to point multiple domain names to your Edline site - however, you can set up an HTML redirect to your site’s friendly URL.

Since only one domain name can be associated with an Edline site, if you have assigned multiple domains to the Edline domain (for example -,, or, the only one that will resolve will be the one that Edline has added through your site settings.

The workaround is to have a CNAME for your primary URL and then forward the other domains (generally with a 301 redirect) to the friendly URL of your Edline site (for example -