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What is Matriculation?

The Matriculation feature is automatically enabled at all schools. As a district administrator, you will be able to seamlessly move already activated students and parent accounts from one building to another as students change buildings within your district; and if your district/school supports OpenID, you can move already activated staff accounts from one building to another as staff members change positions/buildings within your district, or more likely, for educators that work at several schools. Matriculation will save both you and your users' time previously spent generating new activation codes and communicating with parents, students, and teachers to activate their accounts.

When your district performs an upload, the feature checks to see whether the users exist elsewhere, and if they do, it moves over their screen name and password.

If your district/school supports OpenID, and want to take advantage of the matriculation feature for existing, separate staff accounts, you must delete the inactive accounts and upload your data again.

Matriculation Warning for Districts!

To benefit from Edline’s school-to-school matriculation feature, you must NOTdelete users until you have confirmed that each school in your district has uploaded new users.​

Deleting users prematurely may permanently remove them before they can be considered for matriculation to a new school. This issue will result in the need to activate that user again at their new school.

If individual school administrators are responsible for deleting old users, Blackboard's Edline support recommends delaying deletions until each school has had a reasonable period of time to upload new users. This delay will ensure that as many users can avoid re-activation as possible!

Do I Have to Change How I Send Data Uploads to Edline?

The matriculation feature will not change anything about how you do data uploads. If you routinely look at your upload reports, you will now see additional information letting you know who has and has not been matriculated. You may see some warning messages that let you know about unusual data (see below). However, these are just warnings and do NOT indicate that matriculation failed to run.

Situations that may produce a warning message:

  1. When matriculating parents together with students (parents do not typically have their own SIS ID’s in this case).

    You may see a message indicating the following:

    • Students do not have unique ID's across the district.
    • Some parents have ID's in the district.
  2. When matriculating parents and students separately (parents have SIS ID’s).

    You may see a message indicating the following:

    • Students do not have unique ID's across the district.
    • Parents do not have unique ID's across the district.

    You do not have to take any specific action when seeing these messages. These warnings are meant to only convey information about your data.