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Schools without Student Information Systems (SIS)

Schools that do not use a Student Information System (SIS) for all their students and teachers will need to complete the following:

  • Review the Set Up Edline topic. Schools without an SIS will still need to complete the standard setup steps. The only difference is how you will obtain the people and class files.
  • Review the Upload School Setup Files to Edline topic. This topic describes the files Edline needs to include your classes, students, and teachers. This topic describes the layout of each file type. Schools without an SIS may need to manually create the text files. If you use a spreadsheet for this data, you can convert the spreadsheet to a text file.
  • If you cannot easily create schedule rosters (list of students in each class), you can upload the teacher, student, and class files. Teachers can easily create a roster for the class by adding the student members of the class. See the Update Users in a Group topic to add members to a class.
  • Review the Elementary School Webpage topic. Follow the procedures to reduce the number of teacher webpages if the same instructor teaches multiple subjects to the same group of students.
  • For additional help, contact your technical support representative.

Teachers using GradeQuick Web or Easy Grade Pro may wonder why they cannot create new students directly in their gradebook? It is highly recommended to add students to the class through the text files, or through the Group Membership List on the Edline Manage Class Page than to add them through the gradebook. Grade report updates will be easier for teachers when the students already exist through Edline.