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Set Up District and School Pages

The super user at the district level can enter and update both the district information and the school information.

Both district and school super users can update the school description, email address for the website, school IDs, add content, and add the main image on the school page. Only district super users, however, can update the information for the district page.

How to Update the District and/or School Information

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Setting Up a District or School Home Page

  1. From the menu bar on the district or school homepage, select Tools, and then Manage District or Manage School to access the Modify District or Modify School page.
  2. Update any of the following information:
    • To enter or change the school identification code, type the school code in the School ID box.

      Changing the School ID will cause problems with uploads if it does not match properly with the School ID in the data you are uploading to Edline with your users, classes, and schedules. If you are not the person who does the school uploads, please contact Blackboard technical support.

    • To set or change the time zone for your school, select the correct zone from the Time Zone list.

      Setting the time zone is important for the calendar event entries set by your school staff.

    • To change the district or school support email address, type the new address in the Support Email box.
    • To change the district or school description, type a brief summary in the District/School Description box.

      The Edline default webpage design has a section in the center of the site called the Group Info section, which contains the name of the district or school, an image, and a description for the district or school. Even if your district or school changes the homepage design to not include the Group Info section, you should type a description and upload an image because it will appear on the Sign In page where your district and/or school members sign-in to access or edit information on the website.