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Add an Image to the Group Page

As a super user for a group, you must select a specific image to be the Group Info image. The Group Info image is visible on most Edline group pages, such as the district, school, teacher (class), sport, club, or activity web page. Even if the Group Info image is not visible on your district or school home pages, the district and school super users must add a Group Info image, since the picture will be visible to users when they sign into the website.

If you have design privileges, you can add additional images to a webpage. To learn more, see Add Images to Your Webpage.

How to Add an Image to a Group Homepage

Watch a Tutorial

Adding a Class or Group Picture and Description

  1. Open the web page where you want to add a Group Info image.
  2. From the menu bar, click the Edit This Page button to access the group page in the edit mode.
  3. Hover over the picture in the Group Info box, and select Choose File from the Replace Image pop-up menu.

    Images should be no larger than 200 kb. For best result, set the width of the picture to the size of the page column.

  4. Select and upload the image.
  5. Click Done when finished.