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Add Users to a Group

Normally your school super user will upload data files to Edline that automatically populate classes, which are a special type of group, although there may be certain circumstances when a teacher may need to add users to the class themselves. Coaches, department heads, and other school leaders managing group pages will add or remove members themselves.

Having members associated with group pages enhances communication. It makes it much easier for members to find the group page because a link to the page will automatically appear under their My Edline menu when they have been added as a member to a group. Having users in a group also makes it easier for the group super user to communicate with the group because the members appear automatically in their email list and everything added on their group calendar automatically appears on the member’s personal combined calendar.

How to Add a User to a Group

  1. Open the class or other group webpage where you need to add a user.
  2. From the menu bar, select Tools, and then select Manage Group to access the Modify Group page.
  3. In the Group Management area, click Members and Permissions.
  4. On the Group Members page, add the user to the group by completing one of the following steps:
    • If you know the user identification code of the person to add, type the code in the Admin System User ID box and click Add.
    • If you do not know the user identification code, click Search for Users to Add to access the User List page. A list of all school members appears. You can narrow the list by using the fields in the Search area.
    • Select the user to add to the group.
    • Click Add Selected Users to Group.
  5. Click Done on the Group Member List page.
  6. Click Save on the Modify Group page.