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Restrict Group Visibility

All districts, schools, teachers (classes), sports, and activity websites you create are automatically set to be visible to the public by default, which means the group webpage is available to anyone who accesses your website. You can change the visibility of a group to be restricted to a specific user type if you want. For example, you may have a Teacher Resource Center group with shared curriculum you would like available to teachers only, and not the general public.

How to Restrict the Visibility of a Group

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Setting Visibility for a Group

  1. From the menu bar of the section you want to change, select Tools, and under the Manage Settings area, click Manage Group (District, School, Class, Sport, Activity).
  2. From the Group Visibility area, click Change Visibility to access the Group Visibility page.
  3. Select the visibility options in the Basic Visibility Options section and/or the Advanced Visibility Options section that meet your needs:
    • Select Public to allow anyone to view the page.
    • Select Limited to select the types of users who can view the group page. From the drop-down selection, choose whether those users are limited to your particular group, school, or district. Select the types of users who can view the page. These users will be required to sign into Edline before viewing the page.
    • Select No additional restrictions to not add advanced visibility options.
    • Select Show from _ until _ to set the group so that it will be visible for a specific date range, and then be hidden to users after the date range passes. Type or select the dates in the fields.
    • The Show via Site Designer, but hide in lists option is not applicable for a group.
    • The Hide completely option is not applicable for a group.
  4. Click Update.