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Mobile View - Administrator Details

There are no extra steps to creating your mobile view of your district/school website. The mobile view is automatically available for all Edline websites. To help clarify why your mobile view appears the way it does, we have provided the following FAQ’s.

What determines the picture that appears on my District/School/Class or Group homepages?

  • For district or school homepages, the picture is determined by the image that you selected when you customized My Login Page (To learn more, see Create a Sign-In Page).
  • If you did not choose an image to customize your login page, then this image will be determined by what is in your Group Info Box image area (to learn more, see Add a Homepage Image).
  • For class and group (club, activity, sport) homepages, this picture is determined by what is in your Group Info Box image area (to learn more, see Add an Image to a Group Page).

What determines which menus show up in mobile view?

You will see your Contents box displayed in the third tab of your district, school, class, or group homepages if you are not using the Edline navigation menus anywhere on your website. However, if you have set a local navigation on any of these homepages, then the local navigation is what appears in the third tab on those homepages, and the third tab will be called Quick Links. If you would like to provide your users access to both Quick Links and Contents, just add a link in the local navigation of that group page to the Contents folder of that group page.

How to Provide Users Access to Both Quick Links and Contents
From the Tools menu, select Edit Navigation. From the list of available Pages, locate the item contains the name of the class, group, or school in question.
Image illustrating associated text
This page represents the Contents section of that class, group, or school. Add the page into the navigation and save your changes.

If you are using the global top navigation menu on your district and/or school home pages, then you will see the contents of this menu when you click the Menu button in the upper left-hand corner of your mobile view.

Image illustrating associated text

You cannot customize the first and second tabs on your district, school, class, or group home pages – these will always reflect the contents of your News box (tab 1) and your Calendar box (tab 2) from your website.

What else shows up in the global pull-down menu?

  • Login button
  • My Edline menu (when logged in)
  • Top-level Global Navigation (if applicable)
  • Staff Directory (may require login if login is required on the website)