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Design Your Edline Website

A solid website presence can help your district or school boost enrollment, build stronger ties to the community, improve fundraising capabilities, as well as better communicate with your staff, students, and parents. The design of your website speaks volumes about your district’s or school’s abilities to keep up with current technologies and offer the very best to students.

The editing functions of Edline’s Site Designer allow your district or school to create a website as dynamic as your curriculum. Blackboard also offers professional Edline Design Services to help districts and schools build their unique designs. The Edline Site Designer capabilities allow you to easily update your design, whether it was initially built by you or by Blackboard's Edline Design Services team, who also use the Edline Site Designer to create your distinctive websites.


Montage of websites designed using Edline Site Designer

Best Practice

When creating your district or school website, the web designer will be able to better manage the design of the site by storing all the design elements in one location. Complete the following steps to create a Design Resources folder.

  1. From the school’s Contents section, create a folder called Design Resources.
  2. Change the visibility to Shown via Site Designer, but hidden in lists.
  3. Whenever you create images, footers, or other web design content, create the content in the Design Resources folder.
    Do not add documents to the Design Resources folder unless it is a part of the webpage design.