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Plan Your Design

The Edline design capabilities allow your district or school staff to enable individual teachers, coaches, and other super users to update the look-and-feel of their own website. You can change your design immediately, switching between various designs from season-to-season. You can also store your design in a “sandbox” where you can work on it without making it live to the public.

Before starting to design or update your website, there are a variety of decisions you should make for your district or school to determine the best way to meet your design goals:

Who controls the design at your district or school? Only district and school super users have design permissions by default. Decide whether you want to give others (such as webmasters) permission to change the design, and whether teachers and other group super users can change designs they inherit from the district or school designs.

Consistency versus individuality: Edline capabilities allow a district to create a design that is applied to the schools in the district and their sub-pages. Schools can create a design that is applied to their homepage and their class and group sub-pages, creating one look-and-feel. However, you may not want your sub-pages to look exactly like the district or school homepage, so you should consider the following scenarios as you develop designs for your district or school:

  • District Control of School Sites: You can establish complete uniformity throughout the district and “lock down” the designs so only district staff can control them. Website designs (fonts, colors, layout) can be set to cascade from the district, to the school, and to the individual group (class, sport, activity) pages.
  • District Consistency with School Branding: You can provide consistency throughout the district but allow for individual school branding as well. Districts can provide starter designs or templates for their schools, and allow school super users or webmasters to update the designs to include their own school colors, mascots, logos, mission statements, and images to create their own unique site.
  • Districts Provide Schools Full Control: Your district can allow every school to create a completely independent look-and-feel of its own, not starting from a shared design.
  • Schools with One Design for All Pages: School super users can establish complete uniformity for your school website by setting design properties (fonts, colors, layout), to cascade to the individual group (class, sport, activity) pages.
  • Schools with a Homepage Design and Default Sub-Page Designs: School super users can create a school homepage design that is different from the design for all the sub-pages.
  • Unique Sub-Page Designs: Districts or schools can also create a unique design for a specific sub-page, such as the media center or school board page. The design can be made by the school or district webmaster, by the super user of the group, or by a particular designated individual.

Who creates graphic elements? Although Edline design capabilities give you control over the look of your website, graphical assets such as headers, pictures, wallpaper backgrounds, and other graphics are not created with Edline software. You must use third-party software to develop graphical assets (unless you have a contract with Blackboard's Edline Design Services team to create your artwork). This documentation, therefore, covers how to display and manage graphical assets that you have created, but does not cover the creation of these elements.